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This is the website of Inigo Enterprises.

Inigo is the baptismal name of St Ignatius Loyola

Inigo Enterprises is run by Billy Hewett SJ & Cristina Connolly: a centre for resources & courses based on the life & Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola

Billy Hewett SJ has spent most of his 60 years as a Jesuit communicating the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and Autobiography in many forms and adaptations.

Cristina Connolly specialises in journaling workshops & organising other courses, producing resources and running the Centre which is also her home.

We offer a Centre: a place for experiencing Ignatian inspired ways of praying, journaling, centring, focusing; sharing: stories, fourfold vision, relationships; realising the potential of our daily lives, making decisions and living them out

Resources: we produce books, CDs & DVDs for specialised and popular use, providing contemporary ways of appropriating Ignatian inspired teaching which complement many of our courses

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Billy Hewett SJ

Billy Hewett


Cristina Connolly